Nollywood Movies That Made the 90s Unforgettable, How Many Did You Watch (See Photos)

Most young people have no idea what it means to be entertained. They tend to assume that life without Smartphones, Ipads, and other sophisticated devices must have been incredibly boring.

I didn’t have those growing up, and I wasn’t bored for a second. Suwe, Ayo, Tinko, and Boju Boju were just a few of the fun games in the1990s. The finest entertainment, though, came from renting or purchasing Nollywood movies on cassette tapes to watch.

Despite the fact that these films were made on a low budget and with little technical resources, they contained intriguing stories and plot twists. Some were based on true events, and they kept us captivated to our television sets.

Today, we’ll look at 40 vintage Nollywood films that helped make the good old days unforgettable.

1. Conspiracy

Conspiracy depicts the story of Grace (Onyeka Owenu), a deranged lady who gives birth to twin sons named James and John, but her twins are snatched away from her to stay with a childless couple. Years down the line, they became renowned in their medical careers and attempt to figure out a solution for their mother’s insanity.

This film also starred Charles Okafor, Nkem Owoh, and others. The movie is particularly known for the song “you and I will leave as one…”

2. Karashika

In this movie, Satan sends a pretty woman named Karashika, also known as the Queen of Darkness, to entice and steal the souls of men through sex. The film was a little scary, but it was also full with moral lessons.

3. Nneka The Pretty Serpent

This terrifying film depicts the story of a diabolical woman who charms and seduces men in exchange for their money and soul. The film focuses primarily on Tony, her next victim, whom she nearly utterly destroys. This movie was recreated last year, but it wasn’t as good as the original.

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4. Ijele

Ijele is a 1999 movie that narrates the tale of Obiligwe, the most powerful man in the village, who has only eyes for a young girl named Oma. When Oma became ill, Ijele journeyed into the evil forest to find a remedy for her, where he wrestled windstorm and crossed a river of fire. The goddess of rain and the entire community even tried and push him to marry another woman, but he refused.

5. Blood Money

Blood Money, starring Kanayo O. Kanayo and Zack Orji, follows the story of a former banker who is trying to get back on track having lost his job. He bumps across an old classmate who is now a wealthy and exposes him to the underworld of ritual practices and dirty money.

6. Evil Genius

Evil Genius was a scary movie featuring Sandra Achums, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Zack Orji, and others.

7. Issakaba

Issakaba retells the story of the Bakassi Boys, a vigilante group that fights against crimes such as murder, armed robbery, banditry, and so on. It also depicts the war against Eddy Nawgu, a magician who terrorized the inhabitants of Anambra State’s Nawgu community.

8. State Of Emergency

This action film tells the story of Nigerian politicians who are abducted and held captive by criminals demanding a ransom. This is remains, in my opinion, the best action film Nigeria has ever produced.

9. Glamour Girls

10. Blood Sister

10. A Cry For Help

11. Tears In Heaven

12. Ukwa

13. Domitila

14. Aki na Ukwa

15. Witches

16. Oracle

17. Living In Bondage

18. Full Moon

19. Take Me To Mama

20. Diamond Ring

21. World Apart

22. Igodo

23. Vuga

24. Emergency Wedding

25. Church Business

26. Hour of Grace

27. Mr Ibu

28. Wind of Glory

29. The Price of Love

30. Rattle Snake

31. Silent Night

32. Abuja Connection

33. Valentino

34. Spanner

35. Christ In Me

36. Narrow Escape

37. Died wretched

38. Sakobi

39. Billionaires Club

40. Alice My First Lady

New movies are released on a daily basis, but the memories of movies from the 1990s will live on in the hearts of people who saw them. Will there ever be more actors like them? These men and women performed not for the sake of money, but for the cause of sanity, correcting society’s flaws, and, of course, keeping us entertained…..See More 

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