Meet The 2 Males That Successfully Gave Birth To Children (See Photos)

The child-bearing process is usually attributed to women, but men can now conceive by some medical procedures such as gender reassignment. Here are two men who have managed to give birth to children.

1. Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie became famous in June 2008 after he became the first man to deliver a baby.

Thomas Beatie was able to conceive because of artificial insemination, a medical procedure. At present, he has born four children.

2. Coleman’s Kayden

Kayden Coleman, the 34-year-old trans man, gave birth to his first child in 2014. In a Metro report, Kayden Coleman explained how many doctors who misunderstood his gender offered him an abortion. Kayden Coleman is now the dad of Azaelia and Jurnee….See More 

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