Avoid Men That Are Above 30 And Still Single, They Have Been Overused By Women – Ghanaian Lady Advises

A Ghanaian TikToker, Efe Plange, has sparked controversy with her recent advice to women. She warns them to steer clear of men who are over 30 years old and still single, labeling them as “red flags.” Efe questions the reasoning behind their single status, especially when their peers are already married with children. In her opinion, men who reach 30 without settling down are not considered husband material by any woman, and are therefore “for the streets.”

Efe’s assertion is that these men have been “overused” by numerous women, making them a huge red flag for any potential partner. She believes that their prolonged bachelorhood is a sign of underlying issues, such as commitment phobia or emotional unavailability. Efe’s advice has sparked a heated debate, with some agreeing that there may be validity to her claims, while others argue that a person’s worth and potential as a partner cannot be judged solely by their marital status….CHECK MORE

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