3 Popular Kid Singers From The 80s Who Are No Longer In The Music Industry (Photos)

Tosin Jegede, Yvonne Maha, and Chichi of Africa Do you recognize any of these names?

(Tosin Jegede performing at an event in the 80s)

These child stars were big names in Nigeria and beyond 30 years ago. They were smart, young, and industrious. If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, you’ll agree that some of these kids were our childhood heroes.

Others never left the limelight, opting for careers outside of the music industry. In this article, Johnniepen takes a look at where 3 famous child musicians from the 80s are now.

1. Tosin Jegede

Tosin Jegede, now in her 40s, rose to fame as a child singer in the 1980s. At the age of five, she released her first album, ‘Children Arise,’ in 1985, followed by two more albums, ‘Leaders of Africa,’ in 1989, and ‘Children of Africa,’ in 1992.

She went to the University of Bristol in London to further her schooling and obtained a degree in Business Decision and Analysis.

She also worked as a Pension Adviser in the United Kingdom for a short time. In 2012, Jegede returned to Nigeria for a brief visit to launch her foundation. She is now residing in the United Kingdom.

2. Chichi of Africa

Chibuzo Mercy-Idowu, also known as Chichi of Africa, rose to prominence as a young child in the 1980s. With her talent, she took the country by storm, and so many Nigerian moms hoped their children would be just like her.

Chi-Chi of Africa, unlike Tosin Jegede, left the music scene at a young age. She is now working in the fashion and beauty industry

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3. Yvonne Belinda Maha

Before current stars like Tems and Ayra Starr, Yvonne Belinda Maha was a teen pop star in the 1980s. Back then, Yvonne’s adorable voice and uniqueness drew a lot of followers. “Don’t Treat Me Like a Child,” “Wings of a Dove,” “Diocha,” and others are some of her hit songs.

Yvonne is no longer a singer and no longer resides in Nigeria. She is now based in Brazil, where she teaches at the University of Braslia’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering…. CHECK MORE

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