Pastor Invites Church Member To Watch Him In Lions’ Den And This Happened (VIDEO)

By apparently inviting his church members to observe him while he locks himself in a lions’ den, an unnamed preacher sets tongues wagging.

An anonymous preacher was seen sitting with three lions in a viral social media video.

According to reports, the preacher challenged his flock to see how he used the authority given to him to escape from a den alive, much like Daniel did in the Bible.

While comfortably situated, the aforementioned preacher taunted the three lions in their cave in order to demonstrate to his church’s members the existence of God’s power.

But one of the lions seized his arms, and the expression on his face that followed says all about how fast his heart was beating……See More 

They Threw Gallon To Pope To Hold Onto, Which He Did, But All Of A Sudden, They Didn’t See Him Again

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