7 Common Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

A lot of ladies drive men away from them due to their careless and common behaviors. These behaviors aren’t displayed at the initial stage of the relationship, it comes up during the course of the relationship. Ladies, there are some behaviors which you display that drives men away from you.


Some might be aware of those things, while others won’t. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of those things which ladies do that drives men away. Below are 7 things women do that dives men away in a relationship.


1. Wanting Too Many Things

For some women, having a good man isn’t enough. They also want a man who can provide all their needs and wants. When a lady asks too much from a guy, it will make a guy leave you. To him, he might think you just want his money and not his love. I am not saying you shouldn’t ask your man for things you want, but when it gets out of hand, the guy might be left with no other choice but to quit.


In a situation where your partner doesn’t have enough to give, you should understand and reason with him. When you keep on asking him for what he cannot do, he won’t feel at peace in that relationship.

2. Being A Drama Queen

A Drama Queen is a person given to often excessively emotional performances or reactions. Things can never be right in the eyes of a drama queen. They can pull all sorts of tricks to get a man’s attention. For example, if he is watching his favourite TV series, she wants him to clear the garden.

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Too much of being a Drama queen can let your man leave you.

3. Always Talking About Other Men

When ladies talk about other men other than their partner, it drives her man away. Men love when their Ladies talk about them only, either during a one-on-one conversation or when they are in public. Every man wants to feel special and important to the woman the love.

As a lady, when you constantly talk about other men rather than your man, then he is bound to leave you for someone else.

4. Kiss And Tell

Kiss and tell means to reveal detailed information about one’s romantic or s*xual encounters, especially about the person one has had these encounters with. When ladies Indulge in such act, they are slowly pushing their man away from them.

5. Being Hard And Cold


Whether you like it or not, men have feelings too. Being Hard And Cold as a lady is enough to drive your man away. Every man wants a home that is safe and free from the cold-hearted world. However, when the world at home is the same than that of the outside world, there is no solace.

6. Engaging In Power Struggle With Her Partner


Men gets irritated when their partner tries to engage In a power struggle with them. This behavior can take different forms. It could be a competition based on educational level: who has the most degree, while to some it could be a competition in financial income: who has more money.

Engaging in a power struggle with your man can quickly drive him away.

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7. Not Giving Her Man Enough Space


Most men need some time alone to think or relax their minds. Men, just like women, need to feel that they aren’t trapped by their significant other in the relationship. But most times, women read another meaning into it. They may feel their partner is avoiding them or probably cheating on them with someone else.

If a woman can’t give her man enough space, then she is gradually driving him away.


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