3 Notable Ajegunle Musicians From The Past Who Aren’t As Famous As They Used To Be (Photos)

Making it a star in Nigeria’s music industry is extremely difficult. Sure, you can enjoy fame for 3-5 years, but only a small fraction of musicians go on to have a highly successful career.

Oritsefemi and Daddy Showkey, who started their careers in Ajegunle, are still prominent in the music industry, but several other Ajegunle talents were once well-known but have since faded away.

Today, Johnniepen travels back in time to see how 3 forgotten stars from the ghetto of Ajegunle have transformed since they left the spotlight.

1. Professor Linkin

Friday Obianu, also known as Professor Linkin, is credited for coining the term “Jogodo,” which many musicians now use in their songs.


His ever-popular track “I Don Jogodo” was on replay on radio stations all over Nigeria in 2005, and many expected more from him. Sadly, the opposite occurred, and he faded into obscurity. Professor Linkin is still performing in bars and at local events.

2. Kim Ranking

“Any man wey nor whyne well dapada

Any guy wey nor sabi dapada..”

If you read the lyrics above and remember the song, you will undoubtedly be familiar with Kimi Ranking. He was a household name 15 years ago, with hit songs that rocked many bars and birthday parties.

After a smooth sojourn down the hall of fame, with classics such as ‘Dapada,” “I Nor Be Opc,” “Shakara Don End,” among others, Kim Ranking, snoozed off the scene shortly before the doorsteps of the 2010s. However, once in a while, his music resonates with the times.

Kim Ranking is still active in the entertainment industry but hasn’t released any new songs. He only performs his evergreen songs at local events. Hopefully, he will make a comeback with a hit song.

(Kim Ranking and Gordons)

3. Daddy Fresh


Innocent Onyebuchi Onyemuwa, aka Daddy Fresh, was a great sensation in the early 1990s thanks to his famous song “Eleru gbe eru,” but he, unfortunately, fell off the spotlight when the ovation was at its strongest.

Daddy Fresh is still active in the music world through his record label, UE Records, but has been unable to re-establish himself.

Daddy Fresh was in a severe car accident in 2017 and has always thanked God for his survival.

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In September 2021 he was honored with an award for his commitment to Nigeria and humanitarian service.

Making it big as a musician is one thing, but maintaining it is another. These singers were once superstars, but they are no longer in the spotlight. Which of these musicians was your favorite when you were younger…..See More

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