This Dangerous Plot Is A Desperate Attempt To Discredit Tinubu’s Administration And Pave Way For Kwankwaso In 2027 – APC Youths React To Sanusi’s Reinstatement

They stated that this could lead to political instability in the state and a generational conflict between the ruling houses of Kano.

The APC Youth Crusaders For Peace and Development (AYCPD), has reacted to the recent bill to abolish the five emirates of Kano state.

They stated that this could lead to political instability in the state and a generational conflict between the ruling houses of Kano.

The group, which had earlier warned of Governor Abba Yusuf and his godfather Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s supposed plot to undermine President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s governance, stated that the Governor’s recent approval of a contentious bill abolishing the state’s five emirates has confirmed their suspicions.

In a statement, the National Coordinator, Hon. Cyril Adamu, brought attention back to an earlier caution about Governor Yusuf and other influential figures’ alleged plan to undermine Kano and Nigeria.

It was reported that the State Assembly passed a bill titled, ‘The Kano State Emirates Councils (Repeal) Bill, 2024’, which dissolved the establishment of the additional emirates.

This made way for the reinstatement of Muhammadu Sanusi II on Thursday by Governor Yusuf, four years after he was dethroned by a former governor of the state, Abdullahi Ganduje.

The group, however, criticized the governor’s move as politically motivated, aiming to disrupt President Tinubu’s administration, and warned of potential unrest and instability in the state and the nation at large.

They called for intervention from Northern elders to prevent the crisis from further escalating and urged Governor Yusuf to prioritize governance over personal vendettas.

The statement reads: “APC Youth Crusaders For Peace and Development has been vindicated by the recent action of the Kano State Governor, Abba Yusuf, signing into law a controversial bill to abolish the five emirates of the state. The AYCPD had revealed a sinister plot by Governor Yusuf and some powerful forces to destroy Kano and Nigeria, simply because Rabiu Kwankwaso didn’t win the last presidential election.

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“Governor Yusuf, being a Northerner and fully aware of the value the subjects of the emirates placed on the royal stools, decided to abolish the emirates just to spark unrest in the state in a bid to destabilise the administration of President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“The manner in which the controversial Kano State Emirate Council (Repeal) Bill 2024 was signed into law by the governor the same day it was passed by the state house of assembly, raised suspicions that it is a calculated move to destroy the traditional institutions in the state, and by extension, the peace and stability of the state and the country at large.

“Ever since Kano State was divided into five emirates — Kano, Rano, Gaya, Karaye, and Bichi — in 2019, the state has experienced increased peace and development. This is largely due to the multiple emirs leading peace talks and advocating for development. However, Governor Yusuf seems to be disregarding these positive developments due to some political vendetta. In a show of political arrogance, the governor rudely ordered the royal fathers to ‘vacate their palaces within 48 hours’.

“The Governor plans to revert Kano to a single emirate and reinstate the deposed Emir, Muhammadu Sanusi II. This could lead to a breakdown of law and order and a generational conflict between the ruling houses of Kano. Political unrest is already brewing in the state following the controversial bill’s signing into law.

“We are deeply concerned about this development and its potential to undermine the democratic process, threaten the safety and security of the citizens, and destabilize the entire region and country at large. This dangerous plot is a desperate attempt to discredit Tinubu’s administration in the North and pave the way for an easier run for Kwankwaso in 2027.

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“Governor Abba Yusuf and his political godfather, Rabiu Kwankwaso, must cease using politics to disrupt the peace and stability of Kano State. Since taking office, Governor Yusuf has neglected his primary responsibility of providing good governance to the people of Kano state, choosing instead to pursue a personal vendetta against his godfather’s political enemies. This must come to an end. The people of Kano deserve better. Governor Yusuf’s feud with imagined enemies is plunging the state into chaos and anarchy.

“We urge Northern elders and thought leaders to step in and intervene by reining in Governor Yusuf before the growing unrest in the state escalates into a full-blown crisis. Kano holds a significant position in the region and the country’s economic and political spheres. Therefore, it is our responsibility to safeguard the state from the destructive consequences of the actions of desperate leaders such as Governor Yusuf and his godfather, Rabiu Kwankwaso….See More 

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