Check Lovely Pictures Of Ghanaian Lady Who Is A Carpenter (See Photos)

It really impressive how most female are now breaking and taking over traditional gender conception by doing jobs that may have being considered eligible for the male gender.

However, we all know that in Africa the carpentry profession has always being known as a man jobs. but currently an adorable Ghanaian lady has got viral all of over the internet for breaking the status.

However, the young adorable lady has been all over social media after she reviewed her profession via her social media page. the adorable lady who hails from Ghana decided to stand apart for creating the barrier for most women in the field which has always being dominated by men. The adorable young is Adzigbli Nana and popularly know as Ama is a successful carpenter in Ghana with a nice body shapes. however, we all know that Africa ladies are adorable and always good looking with natural beauty and Adzigibli happened to be among them.

Adzigibli who is blessed with a nice body shape, broad hips and a very glowing skin which makes her look more beautiful and amazingly wonderful. and she’s loved for keeping it real with her daily posts on her Instagram handle.

However, Adzigibli is really beautiful and also a hardworking lady. however, she’s also one among the most popular curve model in social media with a nice body shape. She’s also very famous on Instagram, she also has about 322,000 followers on her Instagram handle.

Although, according to her while growing up she always wanted to be a lawyer. however, she couldn’t pursue that after SHS at Aburi Presbyterian Sec. Tech, she was only left with the option carpentry to seek. however, she remained dedicated and focused more on her of earning through carpentry……..See More

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Check out adorable photos of Ama Endorsed below;


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