Man Diverts Money Sent By Good Samaritan To Pregnant Wife For C-Section To Buy Dog A nd Phone

A nursing mother, Susan Ubangha, has issued a public appeal for help over her failing health after childbirth at the Alimosho General Hospital in the Igando area of Lagos State, as per Punch.

Ubangha, who put out her appeal in a lengthy post via her X (formerly Twitter) handle, alleged that her husband diverted the money that a good Samaritan sent for her medical bills to buy a phone and a dog.

According to the post, her ordeal started when she began to have sudden shortness of breath in the weeks leading to the delivery of her baby.

At some point, the problem persisted and she had to be rushed to hospital. The doctors told her she could only give birth through caesarean section (C-section) but her husband vehemently objected to it, claiming that he didn’t have money for the procedure.

The husband insisted that she would give birth through the natural channel.

She wrote: 

“I was rushed to a nearby clinic; they couldn’t handle me, so I was taken to my hospital where I was admitted and placed on oxygen. The doctors told my husband we should opt for CS as I and my unborn child were at risk. My husband said no, that I’d definitely deliver naturally. He insisted he had no money for CS and that they should work on stabilizing my breathing. So for three days, I was on oxygen and feeling better. Seeing that I was responding to treatment, my husband went around and insisted I should be discharged against the doctor’s advice.”

Ubangha added that since she was too weak to argue with her husband, the doctors eventually discharged her from the hospital.

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However, the problem returned when she got home. Her husband then got a herbal concoction for her to drink so the baby could be positioned normally for natural delivery.

But the more she drank the concoction, the worse the problem got. She struggled with so much pain till about 1:00 a.m. when it became unbearable for her and her cries alerted her neighbours who rushed her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors again insisted on caesarean section but her husband insisted he had no money. Meanwhile, all along she had been spending her life’s savings on medications, according to her.

She continued her narration:

“This dragged on until the morning of 29th April. I was broken, my baby wasn’t moving, my breathing wasn’t good, I couldn’t push and my baby’s position was beached. I cried out on Facebook where a kind Samaritan sent me 500k to pay for CS and whatever else I might need afterwards.”

According to her, immediately she received the money, she gave N180,000 and an additional N60,000 to her husband to pay for the procedure and other needs.

But unknown to her, she said, “He took the money and spent it instead on a phone and bought a dog while I was battling with life, thinking he was paying.”

According to her, she waited in the hospital from 10:00 a.m., when she gave her husband the money, to about 2:00 p.m. without him showing up. When doctors started warning her that time was running out, she said she had to call his sister-in-law and give her another N180,000 with which she (sister-in-law) paid for the surgery. Her husband later came at about 6:00 p.m. when she was being wheeled into the theatre. She overhead his sister threatening to arrest him while she (Ubangha) was being wheeled away.

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Fortunately, the surgery was successful and she gave birth to a baby girl. But she alleged that her husband has abandoned her, the newborn, and her aged mother at the hospital.

Nevertheless, she was stranded after having spent all she had on the medical bills and feeding. She, therefore, appealed to the public for help to save her from the situation.

She attached a picture to the post, showing her leg swollen.

According to her, she would need at least N500,000 to settle her bills, including treatment for peripartum cardiomyopathy….See More 

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