See The Junkyard In China Where Millions Of Vehicles Are Thrown Away And Scrapped (Photos)

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We all know china is one among the richest country in the world not only that with a very high population sure they will be many abandon cars in such country.

Because of many abandon cars the china government listed some kind of cars and recycling that will be used in the country.

Many cars, buses etc where abandoned. the scrapyards that the china government sign into law helped to reduced the number of many abandon cars. It help citizens to get a clean and good cars they can use to move on the road not a faulty or second car they will develop some faults and be packed on the road side.

So many vehicles where banned in the country that didn’t meet the terms and condition of the government policies.

It was announced in China in the year 2016 5 million cars was banned and not allowed to be used on the road so the citizens have to sale such old cars to the recycling company so they can use some parts to Rebuild and sale new cars in the country this also follow in some boosting in the china economy.

It is reported that in China more then 16 million cars are been Scraped every year. The Chinese government are doing many thing’s to reduce environmental pollution’s in the country with hug population so citizens driving any how cars even faulty cars won’t help the society instead bring more harm.

See some pictures of abandoned cars;

The china government is really fighting hard to reduce environment pollution for the good of the citizens………..See More

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