8 Stories From Nigeria That Will Inspire You Never To Give Up

Being born with a disability doesn’t mean your future is bleak. Being Born into a poor family doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life. There a millions of Nigerians who know giving up is never an option and it the long run, they enjoy the fruits of their perseverance and hardwork. They either lost weight, graduated despite their disability, endured hardship or kept their hopes alive.

1. From this to wow

When it comes to Nigerian celebrities weight loss story ever, Lepacious Bose is one the most inspiring. She almost lost her life due to her weight but she didn’t give up. She worked on herself and now she look better than ever.

2. You are never to old to start a journey

This pictures above is a that of a Nigerian man who defied the odds and became a graduate at the age of 62. When he was a young man, he couldn’t proceed to the university due to funds but today he is a proud graduate.

3. Becoming a Father at 87

The picture below is an 87-year-old Nigerian man who welcomed his first child, a baby girl. Abraham was 100-years-old when he gave birth to Isaac. It’s better late than never.

4. Patience is not the ability to wait but to hope on God while waiting

This particular story reminds me me of of Isaiah Chapter 40, verse 31.

“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not fain”

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According to The Guardian, Rev. Dr. Eseme Unem waited for 18 years after the birth of their first child to have these adorable triplets.

5. The human spirit is one of ability, hope and perseverance and boldness that no disability can steal away. 

The pictures above are young Nigerians who were able to rise above their physical challenges and rounded up their NYSC programme in flying colours.

6. Don’t allow your condition dictate your life

This young boy in the picture above is Chiagozie Sunday Nweke. Despite his condition, he took to the street to hawk pure water.

After his picture went viral, Kindhearted Nigerians came to his aid. He received lot of gifts and was offered a scholarship.

7. Your Destiny Can Be Delayed But Never Denied

Once upon a time, Awele Ideal was abandon by her mother when she was just 7 months old. She was maltreated by her step mother to the extent she once ate dog’s leftover food.

Today, Awele is the Principal in Chambers of Ideal Chambers, a reputable legal practice in Asaba. She graduated from both Delta State University and University of Benin where she obtained her LLB and LLM respectively.

8. True love still exist in Nigeria

The pictures above is from the wedding ceremony of a visually impaired man and his beautiful bride. The wedding took place in Nassarswa.

Not all Nigerian women are after money some only need your heart. True love does not only in happen in Indian and Korean movies. True love is real and it happens in Nigeria too…..CHECK MORE

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