If You Know You Use To Reduce Your Age, This Message Is For You

Falsifying one’s age has become popular for both young and old people. People lie about their age for a variety of reasons.

Rarely will you come across someone who will tell you their true age. Ladies, gentlemen, and adults are all guilty. The fact is that no matter how you minimize your age, you will not be able to extend your time on this planet.

I’ve chosen to write this article to explain the consequences of age falsification and why you should stop doing it. But first, a word on why people reduce their age: There are three main explanations why people reduce their age:

1. For the purpose of marriage (females especially)

2. For Employment/appointments (Football inclusive)

Here are some of the consequences of age deception:

1. If you lie about your age, you run the risk of losing your marriage: Ladies, pay attention to what I’m doing. You lowered your age because you believed that no man would want to marry an older woman. You didn’t consider what would happen to you if he found out before or after the wedding. You’ll miss out if he finds out before the wedding. If he discovers after the marriage, you are doomed and he will never love you as much as he did before the discovery. A 32-year-old man was once dating a 24-year-old woman he thought he was eight years older than. The lady’s village people checked her microphone as soon as they could. He found out the lady was 30 just a few weeks before their wedding. The entire thing was based on a lie, so the wedding came to a halt. 32 marrying 30 isn’t bad if the love is there, assuming she told him the truth beforehand. However, she has now ruined things for herself. Always tell men your true age; if they don’t want to know, they should leave. Yours is on its way.

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2. Decreasing your age in order to benefit Employment is risky since employers have methods for determining their workers’ true age. This is because many people did not reduce their age while in school, but after spending a significant amount of time at home searching for work, age is no longer their friend. The purpose of submitting your credentials during the recruitment process is to verify the validity of your stated degree certificate/grade, as well as to authenticate the information you provide during the process. They go above and above by contacting your schools and previous employers to collect information, and if it is found that you lied, you will lose your work. Reducing your age for various applications would put you in a difficult situation. This is because you will get lost along the way. On three separate occasions, a 30-year-old man reduced his age. Company A required applicants to be at least 25 years old, so he lowered his age to 23 and applied. Since Company B only hires people under the age of 30, he chose to apply using his real age, which falls within the range. He lowered his age to 20 and applied to Company C, which had a maximum age requirement of 20.

He had his first interview with company B during the interview period. When it came to Company C’s turn, the interview panel inquired about his age. To his surprise, he couldn’t recall the age he used for them, which was between 24 and 20. He had to predict 24, and he was legally disqualified as a result. Whatever method you use to conceal your age, one day it will be exposed, and the consequences will be serious.

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3. Reducing your age deprives those who are supposed to take over where you left off: Adults decrease their age to the point that they are already working while they are biologically aged. This is due to the age reduction. This is why young graduates are yelling that there are no jobs available. It’s not that there are no jobs; it’s just that many who are supposed to retire aren’t. It takes a lot of greed for a man to stay in power indefinitely without making way for newcomers. You won’t be able to finish it all. Allow others to eat what you have consumed. God will not forgive you if you die with an incorrect age.

4. It is against God’s commandments to reduce your age for any reason.

God despises lies and will punish those who fall prey to them without repenting. Lies are forbidden in the Bible. 3:10 1 Peter

“Whoever wishes to enjoy life and see good days must keep his or her tongue from evil and his or her lips from deceitful speech.” NIV (New International Version).

“For whoever wishes to enjoy life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking lies.” KJV (King James Version)

Psalm 101:7 is a psalm written by David.

“No one who practices deception will be allowed to live in my home, and no one who speaks falsely will be permitted to be in my presence.” NIV (New International Version)

“He who deceives others shall not dwell in my house; he who tells lies shall not remain in my sight.” KJV (King James Version)

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The above Bible verses should make it clear that God thoroughly tests lies and will not welcome liars into heaven. You have no idea when the trumpet will blow. What if it starts playing while you’re awash in the wealth of your lies? I want to encourage you to be who you are.

In the end, if you can’t get the job because of your age, don’t bother. It isn’t yours. If you are above the age of service, you should apply for an exemption and maintain a good relationship with your God…..See More

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