8 Signs A Guy Is Just Wasting Your Time In A Relationship

There are some ways which we could tell when a guy is wasting your time in a relationship. In most cases, most women are not sure if their love interest is really into them or not.

It is one thing for a guy to ask you out and finally lose interest, and it is another thing for a guy to ask you out and starts playing with your emotions.

Either ways, there are actually some subtle signs you could use to tell when a guy is just wasting your time in the relationship.


Here are 8 signs a guy is wasting your time:

1. He Talks About Women


A guy who is wasting your time in a relationship will talk about other ladies. A man who isn’t will never talk about any lady other than you.

If the both of you go out on a date and he keeps talking about the ladies which he met today, or the ladies which he have on his contact list, then he is just wasting your time.

2. He Brings Up His Past Issues Everytime

We all have our own past experiences and issues. But when we are with someone who respects and loves us, it is time to write a new chapter and forget about the old ones.

If you figure out that the guy you have feelings for keeps on bringing up his past issues when you both are together, then he is not serious about you or the relationship.

3. Lack Of Growth In The Relationship

For a relationship to grow, both parties need to put in all their efforts. In a situation where the guy is not showing any sign of maturity in the relationship, then it is best if you let that relationship go before it is too late.

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4. He Doesn’t Want To Know About You Or Your Past

The truth is this; if someone is interested in something, he or she will want to know more about it. For example, if you are interested in learning makeup, you would like to know more about what you are going into. The same applies in relationships.

If he doesn’t want to know about you or your past, then it is probably he is not interested In you.

5. He Rarely Take You Out On Dates

Dating is a stage of romantic relationships, whereby two people meet socially; with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in a future intimate relationship.

Romantic dates are necessary in relationships because, you get to spend time with that special person in your life. You get to know them for who they are.

If your man rarely take you on a date or hardly raise an issue about it, then he is wasting your time.

6. He Hardly Take You Out To Meet His Friends

If a guy is excited to have you as his love interest, he will take you to meet his friends. If he wants you to be part of him, he will take you to where he always hang out with his friends everyday. Also, if he likes you, he will also get to know your friends as well.

But if he is just wasting your time, he won’t bother taking you to meet his friends or vice versa.

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7. He Never Checks Up On You

When a guy’s feeling is true, he will always call to check up on you Everytime. But if you are the one always calling to check up on him instead of the other way round, then he is just messing around with you in the relationship.

8. He Talks To You Informally

When your boyfriend talks to you without respect or Informally, then something isn’t right. When a man is interested in you, he address you in a romantic and formal way. He keeps calling you names like; my darling, my baby, my love, etc.

But when he doesn’t attach something while talking to you, then it’s high time you leave that relationship.

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