Ladies, Before You Visit A Guy’s House For The First time, Do These 5 Things First

While being in a relationship is a good thing, it is more important to take precautions of your safety and know who you’re dealing with.

Getting into a new relationship is a tricky business because most people hide who they really are until the relationship becomes old and then their real self begins to manifest.

As a young lady, there are things you need to know and do when visiting a man’s house for the first time.


IF you are a young lady that has female friends or just one best friend whom you are close to, let them know your whereabout and the expected time you’ll be getting home.

If you have no friends, then tell any of your family member where you are going to.

The world is a scary place now and anything can happen, even to someone who has known a person for a long period of time, talkmore of someone who’s just getting to know a person.


HAVE an extra money in your pocket.

No matter how you trust whoever you’re going to visit, even if the person promised you transport fare, just have an amount of money in your purse that will fare you home for emergency purposes. Let’s be sincere, anything can happen and plans may go a different way as planned.


MAKE sure that your mobile phone is recharged and charged.

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to go anywhere without having airtime in your phone or going out with a phone that isn’t charged.

Why you must have airtime and a charged phone is because you may never know how plans will go or if there may arise an emergency that will require you to make a call.

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BE sure that you trust who you are going to visit and your safety is guaranteed in their hands.

Worse thing you’ll do as a lady is going to visit a man you’ve just met at his home. From my own perspective as a lady, I feel it is wiser to meet at open places like restaurant or bars for like two to three months and visit only when you’ve come to trust them with your safety.


BE sure you’re okay with the idea of visiting them and you both clearly are on the same page as to why you’re visiting.

I think it is more beneficial and safer if your both have in mind what your visiting is all about, it makes things easier and avoids stories that touch.

BONUS: it is advised that you have a can of pepper spray in your bag just to boost your confidence towards being safe.


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