I’m Too Smart To Be Managed By One Woman. 63-Year-Old Kenyan Man With 107 Children

A 63-year-old Kenyan man thinks he is too brilliant to be dominated by a single woman after eight wives and seven mistresses.

107 children were born to David Zakayo Kalukhana and his wives and concubines. He comes from Teresia Village, a little community outside of Kakamega County.

In 1987, Kalukhana wed for the first time, but he felt he needed more. His village is situated in the Kakamega North sub-county along the extensive Nandi escarpment.

“A head like mine is beyond the control of one lady.” It is like a big bag of corn that needs to be cut up into smaller pieces for transport. I need a lot of spouses to manage the quantity of minds and concepts in my head. “I am too smart for one wife,” Mr. Kalukhana reportedly said, according to The Sunday Nation.

Mr. Kalukhana claims that he cultivates some corn for his family’s nourishment on a half-acre parcel of land. He also cultivates sugarcane.

Mr. Kalukhana supports his large family by working menial jobs like landscaping.

Within his compound, there are three semi-permanent dwellings with mud walls and iron sheet roofs.

“I have women all around the world, including in nearby Nandi County,” said Mr. Kalukhana.

Mr. Kalukhana must buy five sacks of maize each month, which he then divides with his wife in order to keep his kids from going to bed hungry.

“When I’m not farming, I toil outside, among other menial duties, constructing stone fences around people’s homes.” My well-paying job has made it possible for me to financially support my family. They won’t go to bed hungry as long as I’m here, Mr. Kalukhana said.

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The polygamist believes that nothing will stop him from marrying off more young wives to expand his family.

“In 1987, when I was married to Jesca Asembo, I believed she wasn’t capable. Mr. Kalukhana still feels the need to add more, even after I have added more.

“All of my kids who are old enough to attend school do so. “I work hard every day to get money to make sure kids are in school acquiring an education for their future,” Mr. Kalukhana said.

“I don’t practice any religion.” “I am a genius, and I direct my own course in life,” he insisted.

The spouses, who range in age, share meals while cooking, eating, and entertaining. They also share household duties.

One of his wives, Asembo, asserted that she had never been jealous of the other women.

“I adore my husband, and that is all that matters.” I don’t mind if he marries more women since I can identify with him. He is a responsible man who always acts honorably because he carefully considers his options, according to Ms. Asembo.

Ms. Dorine Kalukhana, the seventh wife, asserted that she initially felt jealous when she got married but eventually adapted to it.

“Jealousy is a thing of the past. “No lady is jealous of the others, and we all live in harmony together.” “Our man treats us fairly,” she claimed.

Ms. Ashley Nechesa, a different woman, asserted that her husband is dependable and has continuously made an effort to make his wives and children happy. She admired his skill in bed and gushed about his dependability….. CHECK MORE 

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