12 Things Smart People Never Tolerate

In order to recognize the positive things around us, we must overcome many challenges and hardships throughout our lives. However, just because life can deal us a bad hand does not mean we can choose adversity on purpose in order to “learn a lesson.” It’s difficult enough to get through life without having to deal with those individuals or habits. As a result, we’d like to go through a few key items you shouldn’t put up with in your life.

The following are things that smart people can never put up with:

1. The need for acceptance.

If you want to live a happy life, you must let go of the need to satisfy others. Although you can worry for your friends and family’s happiness, keep in mind that you can’t make or break their happiness on your own. To put it another way, you should care for people without having to go to great lengths to make them happy. If you make a choice that they don’t like, they are solely responsible for their negative feelings about that decision. People who are smart should not live in a cage with other people’s thoughts.

2. Talking down on themselves.

Negative self-talk is never used by smart people because they understand that it only serves to drag them down. If they do have low self-esteem, they work on it actively and use constructive thinking to shift their attitude about themselves.

3. Negative friends.

Your mates shouldn’t put themselves down, just like you don’t want to put yourself down. Smart people make it a point to avoid negative people in their lives and to avoid allowing others to bring them down. Don’t be afraid to get rid of people who are really interested in seeing you suffer. Instead of depressing you, your friends should encourage and inspire you.

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4. Staying stuck in life.

Although you might not always be able to simply leave a bad situation, you may make arrangements to leave or think about your choices. This is precisely what smart people do when faced with a difficult situation or when their surroundings fail to encourage them.

5. The herd mentality.

When their heart doesn’t want them to, smart people don’t tolerate following the crowd. They make decisions by listening to their own inner voice rather than the noise of the outside world.

6. Staying in a job they hate.

Smart people can’t remain in jobs that don’t fulfill their souls; it’s like death to them. They would rather work hard for a while doing something they enjoy rather than waste all of their time in a job that drains them, even though it pays well.

7. Letting their health take a backseat.

Sure, life’s obligations can sap our energy, but that doesn’t mean we can put our wellbeing on the back burner. Smart people still find time for themselves, whether it’s going to the gym after a hard day at work or waking up an hour earlier to prepare a nutritious breakfast before going to work. It’s exhausting at times, but they understand that their wellbeing is their most valuable asset.

8. Letting money control them.

Everyone understands that money is necessary for survival, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it rule your every waking thought. Smart people make do with what they have and don’t spend more than they can afford. They will aspire to a better-paying job or to start a company, but they still want to live frugally and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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9. Explaining themselves to people who don’t listen.

It’s good if not everyone understands or even tries to understand how you think. When it comes to people who don’t respect them or whose souls don’t align with theirs, smart people know when to walk away. Smart people understand that not everyone you meet in life is intended to remain.

10. Being unhappy.

Life is much too short to be anything less than ridiculously happy, but with all we have to contend with, sometimes people forget this. Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for your own happiness. Smart people let go of things that are no longer serving them in order to make room for better things in their lives.

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11. Being lazy.

Smart people understand that they must work hard in order to see results, and despite the fact that we now live in a highly industrialized world, we must always shift our bodies and take care of our responsibilities. Smart people also find time to exercise, eat well, and do whatever else they need to do to change their lives.

12. Being a doormat.

To put it another way, allowing someone to walk all over you demonstrates a lack of self-respect. Smart people understand the distinction between being good and allowing someone to tramp all over them. They would treat anyone with kindness, but if some ignore them, the wise person would bring them in their place or walk away if necessary…….Check More

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