7 Basic Things Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

When it comes to the issue of pregnancy and childbearing, many men become clueless and uncertain of the right things to do. Studies have shown that a good number of men are uninformed and ignorant of the necessary domestic things they should do when their wife becomes pregnant. Although, many men sincerely want to help improve or ease the condition of their pregnant wife, but lacks the know-how, thereby making her feel unloved and abandoned.

Regarding this article, we shall be looking at 7 things every man should know about their pregnant wife in other to improve her health condition and ease the pressure that is associated with childbearing. See the facts below.

1. Don’t tell her how big and ugly her shape has become due to the pregnancy.

This is one silly joke many men put up that eventually changes the mood and emotions of their pregnant wives. Telling her how big and ugly she has become is one negative motivation that can go a long way to hurt her feelings. Of course, she is aware of her big tummy and shape, as such, she doesn’t need you to tell her what she already knows. Going ahead to tell her how blown she’s become is similar to the situation of adding salt to an injury.

2. She needs more of your companionship and compliance.

Many men think spending extra hours at work in other to provide the necessary things the baby needs when he finally arrives is the right mentality to adopt as a responsible parent. However, it is important for a man to work earnestly in other to guarantee the comfort and relaxation of his pregnant wife and unborn baby, but that isn’t there is to becoming a loving husband. It is imperative to know that, the stage of pregnancy is a delicate one for women, as such, they need your support, love, care, and presence more than ever before. As a man whose wife is pregnant, it is important to make yourself present and always available. This single attitude of care can go a long way to ease the stress and pressure that is associated with pregnancy.

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3. Adopt the “she is the boss” mentality during this stage.


Remember, pregnancy is all about her, and she must be meant to feel that way. Studies have shown that most women adopt the “boss” mentality when they become pregnant. This is a biological trait that is proven to be associated with most pregnant women. At this point, they want their husband to go on errands for them, buy them their favourite food, drive them to the mall, wash the dishes, cook the meals and take care of other relative domestic chores. As a man who loves and wants the wellbeing of his home and wife, it becomes necessary you do according to her bidding. Remember, pregnancy is only for a while.

4. She needs more fruits, water and a balanced diet.

During pregnancy, she should be given more fruit meals than the regular junk food she consumes. According to medical science, it is advised that when a woman becomes pregnant, she is required to consume foods rich in fibre, potassium, vitamin A and B, folic acid and fruits in other to help the baby through the stage of pregnancy. More attention should be given to meals rich in vitamins.

5. Be more patient, loving, understanding and caring to her.

Research has shown that pregnancy brings with it a lot of different mentalities and attitudes you might not have previously noticed in your wife. They are times when she will forget where she kept the car keys, or where she kept your phone, better still, she might just develop a completely new appetite for food and choice of television entertainment. When this happens, it becomes important to know that these traits are associated with pregnancy, and it is only temporary.

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6. She is not lazy, but tired.

Don’t go around telling your friends and family members that your pregnant wife is lazy all because she couldn’t wash the dishes or serve your meal. Like I said earlier, pregnancy is one challenging moment in a woman’s life that brings a completely new attitude you might not have spotted in her before she became pregnant. Pregnancy is one experience that will most likely slow her down and reduce her work pace. She might find it difficult to do the things she previously used to do, and this includes attending to the regular domestic chores. As a man, when you spot these changes in her, it becomes necessary to assist and give her all the support she needs to push through with this tough time in her life.

7. She needs the pillow more than you do.

I understand the pillow belongs to you, and it is also your favourite among others, but it is important to let go if she chooses to pick that one. Due to her new state, she might become uncomfortable when she sits on the sofa or when she lays on the bed, at this point, she might need a pillow to support her body in other to get the desired comfort.


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