I Reviewed The Bible, I’ve Found Nowhere God Said Every Month Give An Account Of The Tithe-Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), shared an anecdote about encountering resistance from certain wealthy individuals regarding the accountability of their tithes, as reported by Daily Post.

Adeboye revealed that some affluent members of the church demanded a monthly report on how their tithes were being spent.

While he acknowledged their request for transparency, he highlighted that such a practice wasn’t mandated in the Bible.

In response, Adeboye devised a solution by preparing detailed expenditure records, which would be available for perusal during church meetings, ensuring transparency without directly handing over the reports.

Furthermore, Adeboye instructed the church treasurer to segregate the tithes from the dissenting family and keep them in a separate account.

He wanted to test whether the church could operate without relying on the contributions from this particular group.

Interestingly, after some time, reports emerged of discontent among the members of that family who were causing disruptions within the church community.

Adeboye expressed his non-confrontational approach to the situation, opting to observe how God would intervene.

Eventually, those individuals faced consequences, as they were no longer part of the church and experienced setbacks in their lives, suggesting divine retribution for their actions.

He said: “The tithe that was coming from this family was hefty. All of a sudden a handful of the big men wrote to me and said every month, you must give us an account of how you are spending our tithe.

I said okay, ‘what they are asking for is alright, they are simply asking for transparency. Nothing is wrong with that.

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“I said, however, I have gone through the Bible, I have not seen anywhere where God spoke to Moses and said every month, you must give an account of the tithe children of Israel to them. So, I said alright, I will do two things.

“Number one, I will prepare a detailed account of how your money is spent, including if we buy a bottle of coke for first timers.

I will put it in a file and every month when you people come for the Holy Ghost Service, that file be on the table. I won’t give it to you. I will put it on the table.

“Anyone who wants to see it can go and read it. But make sure you wait till I have left the room because everything that we are doing in earth is being recorded in heaven.

I don’t want my God to say you are the one who handed it over to them and you are there when they were reading. And I did it.

“Number two, I told the treasurer, from now on, any tithe that came from this family, don’t add it to the rest, put it aside.

Let me find out if the God who sent me can run his church without these people’s contributions. So, for two separate years, every kobo that came for this family was kept in a separate account.

“It was when Aboaba came from Ibadan, I sent him there and then after he had been in the church for some months, he came to me.

He said the people you asked me to go and join are complaining that things are not going well, and they have found out that they offended me, and that’s why their contracts are being cancelled and all manner of things are happening…..See More

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