Sowore Calls For Arrest, Prosecution Of MFM Founder Olukoya, Others Over Alleged Police Torture, Incarceration Of Pastor For Nine Years

Pastor Femi Jimoh, who identified himself as a former MFM pastor, had accused the church of being behind his incarceration for nine years without trial, over alleged armed robbery.

#RevolutionNow convener Omoyele Sowore has called on the Nigeria Police Force to immediately arrest and prosecute Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, for allegedly influencing the incarceration of a pastor for nine years without trial.

Pastor Femi Jimoh, who identified himself as a former MFM pastor, had accused the church of being behind his incarceration for nine years without trial, over alleged armed robbery.

Jimoh, who made this known during an interview on Yoruba Gidi TV, alleged that his trial started when he met the chief security officer of Pastor Daniel Olukoya at a native doctor’s house.

He said he was beaten and handcuffed while a Divisional Police Officer shot him in the leg.

According to him, his mother and sister went to beg Olukoya on his behalf but he told them that he would be released only if he pleaded guilty in court.

But the former African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, in a series of posts on his social media handle on Thursday, said the alleged atrocities committed by MFM church leadership, the collusion between the church leadership and the police and others working with them should constitute a reason for a national police abuse commission of inquiry, such that all the people mentioned in the video are brought to justice.

Sowore described the interview as heavy, adding that not a shred of it is a lie.

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He said, “The atrocities committed by this MFM church leadership, the collusion between them and Nigeria Police Force, #SARS, and even the journalists working in cahoots with the Police as #Crimefighters who assist in framing innocents should constitute a reason for a NATIONAL POLICE ABUSE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY such that all the people mentioned in this video are brought to justice.

“This video interview is heavy, but not a shred of it is a lie! I know how Dr. Daniel Olukoya operates; his people got me detained within the church premises, tried to break my camera, and threatened me at the back of the church, where he maintained a massive contingent of deadly DSS and Police operatives.”

“And I could also reveal that he works with the top echelon of the Police force, using senior officers to carry out those atrocities. Trust me, these acts will never go unpunished,” he added.

In his interview, Pastor Jimoh said, “If it is by telling lies, they should look for someone that can tell lies because MFM believes that if anybody speaks on radio and television, he will be disregarded. My words are not to be disregarded. Let them hear me very well. If they want to call the police or lawyer, I’m ready. My words cannot be disregarded because I know them to be unforgiven and I can swear to that.

“If you offend them, they do not forgive at MFM. That is the bad character they have. It’s my church, my elder brother worships there. My mum is there. I gave birth to my children there. My uncle is with Pastor Olukoya, so we are grounded in MFM.

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“In our church, we don’t forgive, we are mean. I’m the one saying all these. My name is Pastor Femi, the whole world should know me. Even the ones who don’t know me should see me, Pastor Oluwafemi was given to me in 2007.

“I met Gbadamosi who is the chief security officer to Pastor Olukoya at a native doctor’s house, what did he go there to do? He was surprised to see me, and I did not reveal it to any human being. I was arrested and kept in the cell, I was there for 30 days. I didn’t have a lawyer.

“They handcuffed my hands and legs, and put me in the boot of a vehicle. As we were going, they branched at a filling station and brought me out, removed the handcuff from my hands and transferred me into a jeep (SUV) and was taken to Pastor Olukoya’s place.

“When we got to my general overseer’s place, I told him with respect and honour in accordance to MFM, that I had been in a cell for days, his response was so shocking to me. He said don’t you know that our prayers here are always answered?

“I pleaded with our father, Olukoya not to let them take me back to the station, because I didn’t know my offence. He said the case was already at the station, and that I should let the police carry out their work. He told them to take me away.

“They took me to Theatre where they tortured people, I was beaten and handcuffed. When they came to the Theatre, one DPO shot me in the leg.

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“We were in police custody for several days without food. One day the IPO asked me to call my people because we were going to the house of death at GRA Oduduwa Crescent in Ikeja (SARS).

“After over 25 days in SARS, they bailed us with N250,000 and took us to Eleefo Magistrate Court at Ebute Metta. In the court, I was accused of attempted murder, conspiracy, armed robbery and felony. They also accused me of stealing N2 million. The court then adjourned the matter till further notice while I was remanded in Ikoyi Prison…..See More

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