3 Times Americans And Other Foreigners Traced Their Roots To Igbo Land In Nigeria

According To The Igbo tribe is one of the blessed tribes in Nigeria, it is made of people with extraordinary talents and business orientation.

Sadly, just like the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, the slave trade era that took place in the 1800s in Nigeria saw some of their people ferried to countries like the United States of America and Britain.

Hundreds of years later after the slave trade ended, the descendents of these people became known as African Americans, some of which came from other African countries too.

Interestingly, after so many years, some African Americans and other foreigners have made an effort to trace their roots back to Africa. Some of them recorded great success as they were able to find out that they belong to the Igbos in Nigeria.

For example, popular American preacher, Bishop T. D Jakes of the Potter house, some years ago, revealed that he traced his roots to the Igbos in Nigeria through DNA Testing.

The same way, many other Americans and foreigners from other countries have been able to follow the DNA testing route to trace their lineage to the Igbos in Nigeria.

Below, we assessed the different times Americans and other foreigners came to Nigeria, tracing their roots to the Igbos.

1. American contingent visited Anambra (2012).

In 2012, a group of Americans visited Anambra state during the Eri festival. They came searching for their ancestral roots. The Americans during their visit passionately appealed to many Nigerian families in Anambra to conduct DNA test to enable them locate and connect to their families easily.

2. American contingent visited Anambra (2020).

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In 2020, a contingent of African Americans visited Anambra state searching for their ancestral roots. These men and women visited places like the Obu Gad, Aguleri where they were hosted to different African Igbo festivals. They were satisfyingly entertained at the Rojenny Stadium and tourists village located in Oba near Ontisha in Anambra state.

3. Haitians visited Enugu state (2022).

In January 2022, the executive governor of Enugu state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi received a delegation of Haitians which was led by Senator Moise Kean Charles. The delegation was on a home-coming mission to Enugu state. It was reported that the Haitians traced their roots to the Igbo land, and were in Enugu to perform conventional Igbo rituals of naming and name adoption….See More 

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