Wike Told Fubara “When I Was Making You Governor, I Didn’t Take You Anywhere To Swear Loyalty” Nwogu

Former Senator Olaka Nwogu, an elder in Rivers State, has shared a conversation that took place between Governor Siminalayi Fubara and former Governor Nyesom Wike, during a meeting at Wike’s residence aimed at reconciling their differences.

In a video recently shared on YouTube by Channels TV, Nwogu said he and other elders in Rivers State accompanied Fubara to Wike’s house to resolve the dispute between them. He said during the meeting, Fubara addressed Wike as his boss and expressed his desire for peace. He said Wike made it clear that when he was helping Fubara to become governor, he didn’t ask Fubara to sign any documents, swear loyalty to him or give him anything in return.

According to Nwogu, Wike said he supported Fubara because he thought Fubara could do the job and he was shocked that his name was being dragged. He said Wike also asked Fubara to clarify the specific issue causing tension between them, indicating a willingness to address and resolve it with the help of the elders present, however, Fubara responded by stating that there was no problem

In Nwogu’s words: “Wike told Fubara “when I was making you governor I didn’t take you anywhere to swear loyalty, I didn’t ask you to sign a document, I didn’t ask you to give anything to me. I felt you can do the job and I supported you, having worked with me all this while. It is to my shock that today my name is being dragged. It would be nice if you explain what exactly is the problem between us since the elders are here so that we can resolve this. Fubara said there is no problem….See More

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