How I Always React Back Then When 2 Or 3 Of My Girlfriends Happens To Collide In My Room -Adeboye

In a recent video on YouTube, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the revered leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), shared insights into his youthful recklessness and eventual transformation into a respected spiritual figure.

According to him, “I have said it before: I was so rotten, I was so bad, if I was Jesus I won’t save this boy. I won’t bother you with details. I will give you just one illustration. As a young boy, I was a sports man and I loved photography before the day when everybody has become photographer. You combine those two, you get a dangerous boy. It got to a stage I had so many girlfriends I couldn’t even remember the number.”

“Occasionally, when two or three of them collide in my room, I had a problem introducing one to the other. “Oh, this is the daughter of the uncle of my person…” Glory be to God! But of all these my girlfriends, there was one we did everything together and when I say everything, I won’t tell you the details – it’s none of your business. But then we grew up and she went her way and I went my way. She got married, I got married, years passed.”

Watch the YouTube video here.

Fast forward YouTube video from 2 hours 22 minutes 00 seconds to 2 hours 26 minutes 58 seconds.

“I was lecturing at the University of Ilorin and pastoring our little Church in Ilorin. Then in the place of work, they transferred her husband to Ilorin and she came with her husband. She had a baby born lame and somebody told her, “oh there’s a pastor in one Church up there. Take this child to him. If he prays, the child may walk.” So she brought the child to the mission house where I was saying, she met some people at the verandah and said, I want to see the pastor. They said he is inside. So she came in and saw me, “ah, old flame long time no see, etc….See More

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