Our Bag Of Rice Refused To Finish After My Wife Gave 10% As Tithe – Pastor Enenche

Senior Pastor, Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, has shared a remarkable testimony about the power of tithing.

In a recent sermon, he revealed how his wife’s practice of tithing food, including a bag of rice, led to a miraculous experience in their home.

According to Pastor Enenche, his wife would regularly remove a portion of their food, including plantains, and give it out as tithe.

While speaking, the pastor said, One day, they had a bag of rice that seemed to never finish, no matter how much they consumed. The more they fetched from the bag, the more it continued to replenish itself. His wife eventually became afraid and gave out the remaining rice.

Pastor Enenche attributed this phenomenon to the power of tithing, which he has practiced consistently since his early days.

He shared that as a student, he was given a monthly allowance of N30, and he would tithe N3 from it. He emphasized that his practice of tithing was not because he wanted to become a pastor but because it was a principle he saw in scripture.

According to his words, “The way me and my wife marry. She was tithting food, that’s bag of rice, she will remove plantain out of it and give it out. One day we had a rice that couldn’t finish, the more we fetch it, the more it continue. She became afraid at the end and dash out the balance. What kind of food is this that will not finish. We are practitioners of from the high institution. Tithe of pocket money. I am not telling you what I was taught, I wasn’t doing it because I wanted to be a pastor. I saw it in scripture. 30 naira was what was given to me in a month, N3 naira was tithe. It has continued seizelessly till tomorrow. When a man has evidence, is not at the mercy one one who has argument.”

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