When You Keep Pushing Me To Talk I’ll Say It So That The People Will Know The True Situation-Fubara

According to Sahara Reporters, Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara has disclosed that his administration inherited a significant debt burden from the previous administration led by Nyesom Wike. This revelation has further deepened the ongoing crisis between Fubara and his estranged predecessor.

Fubara, who was the state’s Accountant-General during Wike’s tenure, revealed that several contractors who handled various projects for Wike’s administration are now demanding their remaining payments, which amount to billions of naira. “This is to let the world know that if there is one problem this administration has, it is the huge debt burden. For most of the projects that are being inaugurated, the contractors are coming for their balance payment, and it is running into billions,” Fubara stated.

Nyesom Wike, often referred to as “Mr. Projects” due to his extensive infrastructural initiatives, claimed to have paid for numerous projects, including the construction of 12 flyovers. He frequently credited former President Muhammadu Buhari for settling the 13% derivation arrears owed to Niger Delta states since 1999. However, Fubara’s recent statements suggest otherwise, indicating that significant debts remain unpaid.

The tensions between Fubara and Wike have been escalating, with Fubara recently announcing his intention to probe Wike’s eight-year administration. Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of the new Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Dagogo Iboroma, Fubara disclosed plans to establish a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate the state’s previous governance.

Fubara reiterated his concerns during the inauguration of the reconstructed 10.89km Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo Road in Eleme Local Government Area, which was attended by Abia State Governor Dr. Alex Otti. “I have said that I don’t want to talk. I didn’t want to talk because I was part of that system. But, when you keep pushing me to talk, I will say it so that the people will know the true situation of things and be properly informed,” Fubara remarked.

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“I am happy to be here and to join the good people of Rivers State to start this wonderful celebration of our first anniversary in the face of all the troubles. It shows that we are still focused, not minding the level of distractions,” Fubara said, noting that the project was fully paid for under his administration…..See More

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