7 Things Ladies Do In Church That Are Terribly Wrong See (Photos)

Today we going to discus about some things we do in churches that is totally wrong and not good at all.

Here are 5 things you do inside the church that is not good

1 dressing wrongly:


Yes mostly for the ladies you dress to worship God is not for fashion or seeking a man to date dress simple cover your body. You ask some ladies why u dressing like this. is it to impress men or just your self.

How can you wear a show me your back in the house of they lord and probably a man seating at your back won’t listen to anything the man of God is saying.

Please ladies learn how to dress well and decent in the house of God and always cover your hair many women today don’t even remember to cover their hair when going to church.

2 Indecent Dancing:

Yah I know is good to dance and praise in the house of God is a good thing but in our generation today the kind of dance we see is no more funny and very indecent.

You see some ladies wearing short skirt and jumping up and down showcasing their under wear to members to see is totally wrong.

3. Mobile Phone’s

Mostly the boys, many boys go to church only to charge their phone play games or chat inside the church this totally wrong and if you ask them the topic of today service they can’t tell because they made their phones their God.

Distractions in the house of God is a No.

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4 Disobeying The Usher:

What ever good the usher tell you please no matter who you are try to obey at list theirs no organization without caution, if you pressing your phone and you ask to stop you do.

Don’t say who’s that One to command me that’s so wrong.

5. Breast Feeding Inside The Church:

For all mothers I know you might think it sound funny but is not stop Brest feeding your child insides the church with members of both genders around you.

kindly work a way or go outside the church and Brest feed the child before coming inside the church again.

Many churches around the globe have pass many issues with this mother and child Breast feeding issues please as a mother kindly take note…..See More

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