Lifestyles You Can Adopt To Earn Respect From Friends And Family

Respect is a universally cherished virtue that everyone desires, regardless of their background. In Africa, where moral values are held in high esteem, the yearning for respect is particularly strong. Numerous studies have demonstrated that people in Africa, like elsewhere, value being treated with dignity and admiration.

It is important to understand that respect cannot be commanded from others; it must be earned through one’s lifestyle and actions, aligning with the belief systems of the community. If you wish to be respected by your family, peers, colleagues, neighbors, and those around you, it is crucial to adopt certain principles and behaviors that garner respect.

In this article, we will explore eight things you can do and lifestyles you can embrace to earn the respect you desire. Here are some of them:

1. Respect and value yourself.

People tend to treat you based on how you treat yourself. When you respect and value yourself, it reflects in your attitude, lifestyle, mannerisms, and public conduct. It is worth noting that others observe everything you do in public, allowing them to form opinions about your character. Therefore, treating yourself with respect is the first step in gaining the respect of others.

2. Avoid going to unwelcome or uninvited places.

To be respected and valued, it is important to recognize that not all places are worth visiting. Avoid going to events or locations where you are not welcome or invited. Forcing yourself into such situations may breed over familiarity, which can lead to disrespect.

3. Exercise moderation in your interactions and choose your words carefully in public.

One way people unwittingly bring disrespect upon themselves is by their inability to control their speech in public. Studies have shown that people are respected or disrespected based on the words they use in public. Uttering nonsensical or inappropriate remarks in meetings or public gatherings can lead to disrespect. Therefore, it is advisable to think before speaking, particularly in public settings.

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4. Confront those who show blatant disrespect towards you.

At times, certain individuals, especially those who are rude or ill-mannered, may intentionally show disrespect through their words or actions. In such situations, it is important to confront them directly and assertively. However, it is crucial to exercise wisdom and ensure the confrontation does not escalate into violence. The objective is to communicate that you value and hold yourself in high regard, and that you will not tolerate any form of insolence or disrespect.

5. Avoid constantly seeking help or assistance from others.

There is an English saying that suggests, “A person who continually borrows or begs for money is indirectly compromising their freedom and self-respect.” While it is acceptable to seek assistance when genuinely needed, it is important to consider the manner in which you ask for help. Regularly begging for money, even from friends and neighbors, can significantly diminish the respect they have for you.

6. Limit your visits to others, especially those who seldom visit you.

Many people have a habit of frequently visiting friends and neighbors, which can become excessive. While visiting friends is not inherently wrong, it becomes problematic when it turns into a regular habit. Moreover, if you primarily visit friends who rarely reciprocate the gesture, it can diminish the level of respect you command.

7. Dress appropriately and modestly.

The way you dress can greatly influence the level of respect you receive from others. Studies have shown that individuals dressed elegantly in well-ironed, tasteful attire are considered important and dignified. On the other hand, those dressed in shabby, revealing, or inappropriate clothing are often seen as lacking moral standards. Therefore, your choice of attire can either attract respect or invite disrespect.

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8. Stay focused on your goals and mind your own business.

Remaining dedicated to your goals and focusing on your own affairs is a trait that commands respect. People naturally admire those who display determination and single-mindedness in pursuing their aspirations. When you prioritize your goals and avoid unnecessary distractions, it conveys a sense of purpose and self-discipline, which can earn you the respect of others.

By following these guidelines and incorporating them into your lifestyle, you can cultivate an environment of respect and admiration from those around you. Remember, respect is earned through your actions and choices, and it is a valuable virtue that enhances the quality of relationships and interactions in any society…..S££ MOR£

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