Dear Ladies, Here Are 9 Questions You Need To Ask A Guy Before Accepting Him Into Your Life

Before accepting a guy’s relationship proposal, it is important for you to seek answers to some questions. When you ask a guy some questions, you get to know some deep insights into his personal life and past experiences. They Give You information that you probably wouldn’t have found out unless you asked.

So ladies, before answering a guy’s relationship proposal, here are some questions you need to ask him. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask the right questions.

1. Are You Single?


It is important to clarify the relationship status of a guy entering into a relationship with him. Do not assume that he is single. Your assumptions might fail you as the relationship progresses, either by being entangled a love triangle. So before you let a guy into your life, ask him if he is single or not.

2. Ask Him Why His Previous Relationship Failed


It is important to ask him how his previous relationship ended. From there, you get to find out if he was the one who caused the relationship to fail or if he was the one who got heartbroken. While asking him what happened in the previous relationship, also ask him if the person has healed or not, so that you won’t be used as a rebound.

3. What Is The Duty Of A Man And A Woman In A Relationship?

Everyone have different views on the role which which a man and a woman have to play in a relationship. It is important you ask him this question so as to know his own opinion on gender roles in a relationship.

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4. Do You Believe In Love?

Personally, I think this is one of the most important question to ask ask guy before accepting him into your life. You need to this so that you won’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t believe in love, or whose goal is not being in a long-term relationship.

5. Do You Believe In Polygamy?

The reason you need to ask this question is to have an insight if the man you wish to date is from a polygamous home, or if he likes the idea of being in a polygamous relationship.

6. Would You Like To Have Children And How Many?

It is not all men who wish to be in a relationship dream of having kids. So do not assume you know the answer to this question. Sit him down, and hear from him if he wish to have kids or not. If his answer is positive, don’t forget to know the number of kids he wishes to have as well. Know what you are getting yourself into.

7. Do You Have A Strong Connection With God?


If you are a Christian and your faith is important to you, ask this question. Here, you get to know if he is a Christian or a Muslim and if he believes in God or not.

8. What Is Your Take On S*x?

You need to find out if the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a s*x addict or not. Don’t be shy in finding out his view on s*x.

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9. What Is Your Personal Ambitions?


Finding out his personal ambitions can make you have an indepth research on his goals and dreams in life. Find out if he has something to live for, other than relationship, kids, s*x and marriage. Find out if his personal ambitions align with yours.

Are we missing anything? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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