3 Noticeable Things About Banky W Since He Became A Pastor (Photos)

Even though secular music is typically attractive, lucrative, and flashy, some of Nigeria’s top musicians have chosen to serve God.

Take, for example, Chidinma, who is now a well-known Gospel singer. Another famous musician who has opted to serve God is Banky W, who became a pastor in 2020. Banky W’s decision to become a pastor serves as a reminder that everything is possible with God.

Banky W has done incredible things because of God’s love, such as accepting God’s call on his life and embracing a new lifestyle. Here are three things that have stood out about Banky W since he became a pastor.

1. He has stopped going to nightclubs.

Banky W at a nightclub in 2014

Before becoming a servant of God, Banky W, like every other Nigerian secular musician, enjoyed clubbing with friends and sharing photos on Instagram. He hosted the re-opening of Africa’s premier nightclub, Quilox, in 2014.

Banky W no longer posts photos of himself at nightclubs because he now spends his time preaching God’s word and uploads sermon videos to Instagram daily.

2. He no longer wears earrings.

Aside from his lifestyle, Banky W’s appearance has changed as he no longer wears earrings, making him look more mature and responsible.


3. He contributes to community service.

Banky W, as a pastor, believes that true Christianity should extend beyond the pulpit and the four walls of a church.

Since becoming a pastor, Banky W has initiated a program called “Community Service Saturdays” at The Waterbrook Church. The activity uses the last Saturday of each month to clean the streets, visit orphanages, and do whatever else he can to make people’s lives better.

I’m already missing Banky W and his love songs, but I’m even more pleased that he’s doing so well as a pastor, and I pray for more grace and strength to help him continue….See More

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