Meet The Real Parents of Happiness From The Johnsons’ TV Series (Photos)

Over the last decade, Nollywood has produced several exciting and thrilling family series that have dealt with many issues such as unity, kindness, and love. A notable example is “The Johnson’s.”

Aside from having huge stars like Charles Inojie, Ada Ameh, and Chindeu Ikedieze in its cast, the Johnson’s is undoubtedly Africa’s most popular family TV show since it not only makes us laugh but also teaches us valuable life lessons.

The Johnson’s TV Series has a lot of young talents who will become Nollywood Legends in the future, from Susan Pwajok (Blessing) to Olumide Oworu (Tari), but one who has garnered a lot of praise from fans is Jasmine Olarotimi (Happiness), the daughter of the smart but suspicious Mr. Deputy.

Over the years, many people have come to assume that Mr. Deputy, whose real name is Eliel Otote, is the true father of Happiness, which is not the truth. Fans believe Mr. Deputy is happiness’s real father because Jennifer portrays her real daughter (baby science) as her child in the sitcom. To erase that false belief, I will be revealing to you the true father and mother of Happiness.

Who Is Happiness’s Real Father?


Olarotimi Fakunle is Happiness’ real father. He is a seasoned actor who has proven through his work that he is a force to be reckoned with, having been in several series, the most recent being Ajochie.

Olarotimi Fakunle is also fantastic on the live stage. He has performed on classic plays such as “Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again,” and “The Gods Are Not to Blame.”

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Who Is Happiness’s Real Mather?

Chiquita Ezenwa is Happiness’s biological mother. Chiquita Ezenwa, like happiness father, is an actress. Aside from acting, she is a huge fan of musical theater and has appeared in both the lead and supporting roles in many plays.

Chiquita Ezenwa is Happiness’s manager as well as her mother. Happiness’ acting abilities are most likely inherited from her parents…..See More

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