See 7 Celebrities Who Predicted Their Own Deaths And It Came To Pass (Photos)

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Here in this post we going to give names of famous celebrities and musicians who predicted their death.

Is some how funny how a human will predict or fully knows when he or she life will be cut short. Normally we humans don’t really know when we going to die is something that occur even without us knowing.

Here are 7 names of famous celebrities that know they are going to die soon. 

1. Michael Jackson

Oh yes Michael Jackson always give a clue about his death he always use this words “they are going to kill me” but who really want to kill the king of pop.

This really sound somehow spiritual then physical. Even Michael Jackson body gard was in an interview after his boss pass away he said ; my boss Jackson knows he was going to die 2 days before his death.

We just sense many things was wrong about jackson and few days later he was confirmed dead by cardiac arrest.

2. Bob Marley


Yes Bob Marley close friend’s give a hit that Bob Marley always say his going to die at the age 36. His close friend name was Allan ‘Skill and they also notice that Bob Marley was suffering from psychic abilities.

He always say he don’t see his self passing the age of 40 years and it really happened.

3. Juice Wrld

We all remember this great singer many youths love his type of music. Juice Wrld have many youth friend’s and his type of music is some how horror how he always talk about his death and predict it almost all his songs.


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One of his music I listed he said; where I am from we don’t pass 21 years. And truly he died at the age 21 years old.

4. Chadwick Bossman

Yes he have been suffering from colon cancer for some time and knows his going to die soon but hide it from the public.

He was really love by all as he played as black panther actor many people didn’t even know he was suffering from cancer even when making fans around the world feel good.

He passed away this year 2020 at the age 43 years.

5. Tupac Shakur


On one of his music trick he rap saying “I been shot and murdered” and how he said it on that song it really come to pass he was gun down to death.

In an interview he was asked where his going to see his self few years from now he said; Best case, in a cemetery. in a cemetery, sprinkled in ashes smoked up by my homies. I mean, that’s the worst case.”

I wonder how people predict their own dead and it really come to passed! Are this people angels send to earth or is a spiritual something or cult they belong too we have no ideas of?.

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