Meet the African Footballer Who Nearly Killed Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Full Story)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is, without a doubt, one of the most feared football players in the world. Many players on the pitch fear getting into conflict with the Swedish international since he holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Few footballers, though, like Ahmed Hossam Hussein, have ever frightened Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ahmed Hossam, better known by his nickname “Mido,” is an Egyptian footballer.

During his time, Mido was one of the most feared football players. Mido was noted for his harsh and confrontational demeanor on and off the field, despite his incredible talent. During their time at Ajax, the Egyptian striker came dangerously close to killing Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Those two became one of the strongest offensive combos in the world during their first season together at Ajax. Things began to change in the second season, when the manager began to use Mido as a replacement, which did not sit well with him.

Mido was introduced as a substitute in the second half of an Eredevisie League match between Ajax and PSV Eindhoven. Ajax had already fallen behind by one goal at that point. Basically, the striker was irritated by his status as a substitute and took it out on Zlatan. When Mido received the ball, he refused to transfer it to Zlatan until the end of the game.

Mido stormed into the dressing room after the game and insulted everyone, including the manager. Mido’s remarks were not tolerated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who responded by insulting Mido. The Egyptian became enraged and threatened to murder Zlatan if he continued to yell at him. Mido hurled a pair of scissors at Zlatan after he refused to stop. According to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the scissors sped past his head and smashed a crack in the concrete wall. Everyone in the dressing room was stunned because Zlatan would have died if the pair of scissors had hit him.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic almost died during the incident, which is incredible. Mido was loaned to Celta Vigo right away before being released permanently at the end of the season. Mido went on to play for Tottenham Hotspurs, Wigan Athletic, Middleborough United, and West Ham United in the English Premier League. While playing for Barnsley, Mido retired in 2013.

Mido, on the other hand, wanted to pursue a managerial career as soon as he retired. He has managed five teams so far: Zamalek, Ismaily, Wadi Degla, Al Wehda, and, most recently, El Makkasa. Since being fired by El Makkasa in 2020, Mido has not managed any teams….See More

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