3 Nigerian Families That Were Tragically Wiped Away From Earth (Photos)


The friend of no one.

The bringer of grief.

The enemy of loved ones.

Whenever you return from a journey with your family, don’t think it was the expertise of the driver or the brand of car that prevented any accident. It was God.

Whenever you sleep and wake up strong with your family, don’t think it was because of the food you ate or the comfy bed you slept on. It was God. Let’s learn to give God thanks everyday.

Today, hub gist remembers 3 Nigerian families that were tragically wiped away from earth.

1.The Anyene’s Family ( Plane Crash)

Maimuna Anyene, was among the 153 passengers that lost their lives from the ill-fated flight Dana Air 992 that crashed in Lagos on July 3 2012.

Maimuna Anyene died along with her husband, sister, her four kids, two cousins and her mother-in-law.

2. Unnamed Family (Slept and never woke up)

In March 2020, A family of including, father, mother and two kids were reported to have died in their sleep. The cause of their death still remain a mystery. May their souls continue to rest in peace.

3.The Adetunji’s Family ( Road Accident)

On December 25th 2019, Samson Adetunji was travelling with his wife, Opeyemi, their two sons and daughter when something heartbreaking happened. Their vehicle went ablaze after crashing into an overhead bridge along Kubway way in Abuja.The entire family was burnt beyond recognition.

It was a sad Christmas for their loved ones. May their souls continue to rest in peace.

These families were snatched away by death and left their loved ones in grief.They are gone but definitely never forgotten. Please say a prayer for the people they left behind. May their souls rest in perfect peace……CHECK MORE

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