Reasons Why Players Cover Their Mouth When Talking On The Pitch

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Fans who have been following the World Cup closely, however, have observed another that defies explanation: the practice of covering their mouths when they are talking.

Why does this happen so often, and could there be other reasons (beyond simple skepticism)?

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The term “mouth covering” refers to the practice of discussing tactics behind the scenes.

Even though players don’t get paid hundreds of pounds per day to utter a few choice words, they nevertheless do so periodically and unwillingly.

Although most professional athletes rely on in-game strategy discussions with teammates, this is rarely the case.

They cover their mouths so that the opposing team, the cameras, and the management can’t hear a word they say.

While this is happening, there have been allegations of opponents covering their mouths.

It’s fairly uncommon to see players on opposing sides cover their mouths with their hands as they hurl insults at one another.

Messi and Ronaldo both accomplished this for their respective national teams, Argentina and Portugal, while playing on the field.

This provides the idea that the player is so repulsed by the opponent that they are making a conscious effort not to breathe when in the other player’s company.

However, it is generally accepted that they are deliberately hiding their genuine intentions by covering their mouths.

It’s not unheard of for athletes to put their hands over their lips to send a message to their teammates.

During training, if a player is concerned about being videotaped or photographed, he may even cover his mouth.

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You can conceal your voice and perspective on the action from the referee by hiding behind your hand.


Athletes in many different sports, like tennis and badminton, cover their lips for various reasons, but footballers use this tactic in a much broader context…...See More

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