No Matter How Much You Love A Woman, Never Do These 4 Things Until You Get Married To her

Some men find it hard to control themselves or feelings when they are in love. Most especially when they are in much love with a woman, they tend to make some mistakes and cross some limit they don’t suppose to.

Here Are 4 Things A Man Should Never Do To Please A Woman Unless She’s Your Wife

1. Never fight another man or go into physical battle just because of a woman who’s not your wife.

No matter how much you love your girlfriend or woman, never fight a man because of her. She should make her decision on whom she wants to choose between you and anyone else. Never force a woman to love you, let her make the decision on her own.

2. Never propose to a woman when you are not ready to get married to her. Some men make this mistake because they see their mate getting married or proposing, they tend to do the same even when they are not prepared yet or financially balanced.

Marriage is not a bed of roses. You should think about it before jumping into it. Don’t get married because your friends are getting married, and you want to feel among them.

3. Never let your woman have a child out of wedlock. We have many single dads or single mothers today in our society. Some women might use this strategy to hold a man down in the name of marriage, but these not total right, things might become complicated or love dies off.

Learn to have children after marriage, so you won’t add up having different children from different mothers, and it might likely affect you in the future.

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4. Always listen to your family, remember family first, no matter anything. Some men tend to forget their family because of a woman or a girlfriend. Remember, you can never have another family, but you can have another girlfriend.

Never abandon your family because of a woman who is your girlfriend. Remember, family is everything and will always want the best for you, don’t let love close your eyes to see the truth….See More

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