Is Kayanmata Juju Or Not ?: Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Kayanmata And Its Uses In Life

Kayanmata has been one of the most trending topics on the entertainment blogs and social media platforms lately after popular Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels had problems with popular kayanmata seller, Jaruma.

However, many people who have been following the gist don’t even know what kayanmata is and what it is used for. Since the use of kayanmata became popular in Nigeria, many people have linked it to related to voodoo (juju).

I will be explaining what kayanmata is all about and its use in life and reveal the answer of it being related to voodoo or not.

1. What is Kayanmata ?: Kayanmata simply means “Woman’s Thing” in Hausa’s word but to women who use it, It means much more. Kayanmata originated from the northern part of Nigeria and is usually made of roots, herbs, and many other things including colorful beads.

Photo Credit: The Net NG.

2. What Kayanmata Is Used For ?: Kayanmata is an intimacy enhancer and it is mostly used by couples especially in marriage to keep the excitement steady or to restore lost excitement especially during intimacy.

3. Is Kayanmata Juju Or Not ?: People have seen multiple testimonies shared online with the faces of young girls saying they used to product to collect all the money a man has and also collected people’s rich partners with it. Due to that, it has made people question its use and ask if kayanmata is a juju product or not.

Photo Credit: Nimed Health Nigeria.

However, Premium Times Nigeria Newspaper speaking with a kayanmata expert made the answer clear. According to the expert, no such thing exists in kayanmata. Kayanmata is not fetish but an ancient practice lost in this era of the internet but has made its way back. It’s not juju but the mixing of the right roots and herbs in the right dosage…..CHECK MORE

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