Tinubu: ‘This Man Was Going With Hundreds Of Vehicles As Convoy, Do You Know How Much That Cost?’ -Bugaje

A Former Member of the House of Representatives, Dr. Usman Bugaje has alleged that President Bola Tinubu had traveled with so many convoys during a time when the subsidy was removed and Nigerians were severely impacted.

He argued that the Presidency has demonstrated a lack of understanding of how to address the country’s pressing issues. Regarding the allocation of 90 billion Naira for the Hajj pilgrimage, he pointed out the lack of transparency in the figures provided. He suggested that a significant portion of the allocated funds—possibly only 10% to 20%—actually reach its intended purpose. He criticized the politicization of the Hajj pilgrimage, arguing that funds should instead be invested to empower citizens economically.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”At a time that the President removed the subsidy and the purchasing power of ordinary citizens completely collapsed. This man was going with hundreds of vehicles as a convoy, do you know how much that cost? And this is public money. So right from the beginning, I don’t think these people understood how to solve this problem and it’s becoming very obvious.

Start Watching The Video From Minute 28:41

Speaking about the 90 billion for Hajj pilgrimage, He said, ”The figures about the Hajj lack transparency. When figures are quoted, what actually gets to that particular point might just be 10% or 20. How about the padding on the budget? How many billions have been allocated to the members? So many experts on budget have shown that there is padding in the budget and they have come up with the figures. The Hajj pilgrimage is an issue that plays into politics, it’s not economics. If you are talking about economics, money should be invested. So that these people will be rich enough to pay for themselves…..See More

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