Who Gave Us The Name Nigeria? Is It Not Britain, Have We Changed Our Name? – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, recently raised questions about the origin of Nigeria’s name in a video shared on YouTube. He pointed out that the name “Nigeria” was bestowed upon the country by Britain or another authority, prompting him to inquire if there had been any alterations to the name since then.

Tinubu stressed the significance of unity and diversity in Nigeria, noting that regardless of the name’s historical origins and potential colonial implications, what truly matters is the collective identity and cohesion of Nigerians. He highlighted that the name “Nigeria” is printed on their passports, symbolizing their national unity and identity.

In his address, Tinubu urged Nigerians to unite as one family, safeguard their diversity, and foster a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Video link below: (start at 4:22)

Tinubu, In a video recently shared on YouTube by Channels TV said,

“Who gave us the name Nigeria? Is it not Britain or somewhere, have we changed our name? We are Nigerians, our passport shows that. As long as we are Nigerians and one family, we remain and protect our diversity and love one another as brothers and sisters…See More

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