Nigeria: Tensions Rise In Super Eagles Camp As Osimhen Rebukes Finidi’s Comments

Victor Osimhen responds strongly to Finidi George’s comments on his commitment to the Super Eagles during the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, sparking a significant debate within Nigerian football.

In a fiery exchange that has captured the attention of Nigerian football fans, Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has publicly responded to former Super Eagles coach Finidi George’s critical comments regarding his commitment to Nigeria’s 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Finidi George recently suggested that Osimhen, despite his injury, could have managed to play in Nigeria’s crucial qualifiers this month. Osimhen, who twisted his ankle and was ruled out for four weeks, felt the criticism was unjust, given his injury status.

“I asked Finidi George to allow me to stay with the players in the camp, but Finidi asked me not to bother, that I should stay with my family,” Osimhen posted on Instagram. “Now, after two bad games, everybody is blaming me. I know how many injuries I’ve played with for Nigeria and I played my heart out, but after two bad games, everybody is attacking me.”

The 25-year-old striker, who has been pivotal for both his club Napoli and the Nigerian national team, expressed deep disappointment and declared he had lost all respect for Finidi. “I have lost every respect I have for him,” Osimhen added, signaling a significant rift within the Nigerian football community.

This public dispute highlights the pressures and scrutiny top athletes face, especially when national expectations are unmet. The Super Eagles’ recent underperformance in the qualifiers has intensified criticism and shifted blame, creating a volatile atmosphere around the team….See More

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