Herbalist Impregnates Female Customers Who Came To Seek For A Baby, Fight With Husband Over Paternity

A guy and a herbalist in Nigeria who admitted to having impregnated his wife, who is alleged to be his customer, have started a paternity dispute.

The incident happened in Ogun State’s Malaka Village under the Owode-Obafemi Local Government Area. Sikiru Olaleye, the devastated husband, is not only concerned about his wife cheating on him; he is also at odds with the herbalist Lamidi Ifaloba over the boy’s paternity.

Olaleye, a 42-year-old native of Igbehin, which is part of the Owode-Obafemi Local Government Area, claimed he was astonished to discover that the baby he believed to be his was actually fathered by the herbalist who lives nearby.

I had only ever seen something like this in a movie, he declared. My wife Shadiat and I had an argument, so she took our son and headed for Iwo, Osun State, where she was raised.

“I traveled to her hometown and made fruitless attempts to convince her parents to accept us back. Even though I offered Shadiat’s parents N12,000 to pay for her transportation back to my home, she turned it down.

“As a result, I gave up hope that she would come back to my house and found comfort in the idea that my kid would return to me when the time was right because I had done everything in my power to get her to come back.

“I was shocked when some neighbors began making fun of me since my son is related to a herbalist in the nearby village of Malaka.

My wife used to go to a herbalist by the name of Lamidi Ifaloba, and when she had trouble becoming pregnant for approximately six years, he really produced some fertility remedies for her.

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Unaware of what was happening, I even brought the baby to him three days after my wife gave birth to seek spiritual advice on his (the baby’s) future—a practice known as akosejaye in Yoruba culture….CHECK MORE

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