Woman Dies In Labour After Husband Refused CS Saying He Had an Agreement With God To Born Normal

Dr. Wilberforce, a doctor from Ghana, posted an upsetting medical story on Twitter. He related the story of a pregnant woman who, due to a heart issue, declined an elective C-section. Weeks later, she returned in labor, but tragically, the baby was stillborn.

Medical counsel conflicted with the husband’s belief in a divine agreement for a natural birth, which had the tragic result that the wife had a fatal heart collapse and died.

He described how a client was advised to have an elective C/S because of her heart problems, even though there was a chance that her weak heart wouldn’t be able to withstand the strain of labor.

She said, “I need to tell hubby about all this first,” but regrettably, this set off a chain of events that resulted in her leaving.

The expectant woman resumed labor a few weeks after mentioning gaining her husband’s approval, but regrettably the baby’s heart had stopped beating.

For several days, the infant’s death was verified as intrauterine fetal demise (IUFD). A disastrous result resulted because the husband’s faith in a supernatural accord for a natural birth clashed with the need for medicine.

The woman suffered a fatal cardiac attack because her heart was unable to handle the stress. Numerous responses to the sad story have been posted on social media….. CHECK MORE

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