3 African Celebrities Who Went Missing And Have Never Been Found (Photos)

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Even though the paparazzi and bloggers serve as celebrity GPS locators, celebrities sometimes do go missing. Over the years, some African celebrities have disappeared with no trace. People who shouldn’t be able to walk around in public without being noticed have gone missing, never to be seen again.

1. C’zars

Abdulkarim Mohammed, better known by his stage name C’zars, was a rising star in Kenya’s music industry. He was a teen sensation with millions of fans across Africa. He made the front page of newspapers and was destined for greatness, only for things to go haywire.

C’zars went for a walk on the afternoon of October 13th, 2006, and then went missing. He disappeared with no trace 15 years ago, at the peak of his career.


There were rumors that C-Zars had been found in other parts of Africa, but they turned out to be false. His father, who has been in immense pain since his son disappeared, still has hope that he will return home someday.

2. Castro

Theophilus Tagoe was a Ghanaian musician who went by the stage name Castro. He was well-known not only in Ghana, but also in Nigeria, South Africa, and Cameroon. Castro was said to have drowned while riding a jet ski at Ada Beach Resort. He has been missing since July 6, 2014.


Castro’s disappearance shocked his fans and sparked several controversies. Several investigations and inspections have been conducted in an attempt to locate his body but to no avail.

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Castro was declared dead earlier this year, but his father remains hopeful and has stated that he will not hold a funeral for his son because there is no evidence that he is dead.

It may interest you to know that several people and prophets have publicly stated that Castro is still alive. Prophet Jesus Ahuofe, a popular Ghanian prophet, said in July 2021 that Castro is alive and will return to Ghana after 30 years.

3. Janet Bandu


Janet Bandu was a popular Ghanaian video vixen who collaborated with many of the country’s top musicians.

(Janet Bandu and Castro)

Janet was reported to have drowned while riding a jet ski with Castro, but her body is still to be discovered……..See More

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