If Tinubu Rules For 4 Years And He Finishes In 2027, I Will Be 56. If Tinubu Rules For 8 Years, I Will Be 60 In 2031, So When Will I enjoy Nigeria In My Lifetime? – Osita Chidoka

Osita Chidoka, a former minister of aviation, claimed that if President Tinubu continues for the next four to eight years, a considerable amount of his life will have passed. Chidoka pondered about his age and questioned when he would be able to take pleasure in a Nigeria that runs well.

He stressed that after elections, the emphasis should move from politics to efficient government. He emphasized the need for real improvements in necessities like power and water and denounced the ongoing politicization of problems following elections.

He expressed a wish for these vital services to be consistently restored and maintained. He expressed how frustrated he was with the idea of retiring and yet having to deal with these basic issues. He called on the individuals in power to move from political hyperbole to effective governance.

During an interview with Arise TV, he stated, ”We need to behave well as a country. Elections are gone and over; I’m talking now as a Nigerian.”

“I’m 53 this year, and if Tinubu rules for 4 years and he finishes in 2027, I will be 56. If Tinubu rules for 8 years, I will be 60 in 2031, so when will I enjoy Nigeria in my lifetime?”

“I don’t believe that after the election, we should be talking about politics and politicizing the main issues affecting us as a nation. We should be talking about governance.”

You can watch the video here from 12:51 minutes.

“I want to see running water in my house. I want to see light restored in my house for 24 hours. I want to see it in 60 years. All my agemates who are in the public service will be retiring in 70 years.”

“I’m concerned that I don’t want to be 65 and 70 and still be living in Nigeria, discussing running water, roads, and light.”

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