5 Times Cubana Chief Priest Showed Genuine Kindness To The Poor (Photos)

When a celebrity does something helpful, it receives little or no media attention, but when he does something unusual that will cause others to criticize him, it is all over the news.

Cubana Chief Priest, a celebrity bartender, has come under fire from Nigerians after it was revealed that he had purchased 46 cows for a friend to celebrate his mother’s funeral.

While buying 46 cows may seem extravagant, the Chubby famous bartender has had a significant impact on the lives of many others, but sadly, many people are not aware of it.

1. He helps those in need

While many rich and famous people desire to live in luxury every day, Cubana Chief is an exception. He is a strong supporter of the Kokun Foundation, and in addition to financial support, he makes time to volunteer and stand in the hot sun to assist those who prepare food for the poor.

2. He has fed over 2000 people all by himself.

The first question people ask when they hear about a Cubana Chief Priest doing something lavish is “how many people has he fed in his community?” In case you didn’t know, during the difficult Covid-19 lockdown time, Cubana Chief Priest fed over 2000 people on his own. He’s a wonderful person.

3. He holds food giveaways regularly.

One thing I’ve seen about Cubana Chief Priest is that he enjoys eating, and since he loves food, he regularly holds food and drinks giveaways to help those who are hungry.

He makes his food and drink giveaway public and posts a few photos of it on Instagram to inspire others to share love in whatever small way they can.

4. He improved the life of a pregnant woman selling Abacha.

In November 2018, Cubana Chief Priest was impressed by a pregnant woman selling Abacha and gave her N100,000. He also gave her an apartment and a job at his wife’s restaurant, De Angels Bar & Grill.

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5. He provides food for the children who are starving.

We have street children who have no idea where or how their next meal will come from. To make ends meet, they roam the streets and do odd jobs. Cubana Chief Priest sets aside time with other volunteers to feed these children and assure them of a brighter future.

Buying 46 cows for a friend may appear extravagant, but keep in mind that Cubana Chief Priest is a good man whose kindness is indescribable….See More

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