Can Adding Water to Sugary Drinks Reduce The Calories? Read to Find Out

There is this age long belief that adding water to sugary drinks can reduce both the sugar content of the drink and also cut down on the calories. This particular belief is well rooted in this part of the world especially amongst uninformed individuals but allow me to be a party pooper. Adding extra water to your drink won’t in anyway reduce the calories nor the sugar but will reduce the sugar taste in your mouth.

I am sure we all have at one point or the other done this in the guise of trying to reduce the sugar in the drink we are planning to take. This is a common practice but it’s totally ineffective as long as sugar and calories intake is concerned. When you put extra water to the soft drink you are about to take, what you are actually increasing is the quantity of the drink but the effects of the added sugar and calories in the drink are not altered in anyway.

All you’re doing is reducing the sweetness of the drink, increasing the quantity and not still reducing the calories nor the sugar. So if you have sugar related problems like diabetes and you dilute your drinks with water, you are not actually doing anything but increasing the quantity of fluid you’re going to take in and still consuming the exact same amount of sugar/glucose and calories. It’s totally pointless therefore, the best thing you should do for yourself is drink water if you have sugar issues as water doesn’t contain calories nor added sugar…….See More

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