Things Turn Upside Down for Alvin Bragg as He Gets Hit With Major Lawsuit Game-Changing Trump’s Case

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, finds himself in the eye of a legal storm as America First Legal (AFL) launches a major lawsuit against Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), altering the course of Trump’s Hush Money case.

The lawsuit stems from a failure to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding a prosecutor involved in Trump-related investigations.

The lawsuit, filed by AFL on Monday, scrutinizes the career trajectory of Mark P. Colangelo, highlighting his roles in both the DOJ and the New York Attorney General’s office during investigations into Trump.

Colangelo’s transition from a senior position at the DOJ to joining Bragg’s team just before Trump’s indictment raised eyebrows, with AFL alleging partisan motives behind this move.

AFL’s Executive Director, Gene Hamilton, revealed that the organization initially filed a FOIA request in 2023 seeking Colangelo’s calendars and records pertaining to Trump-related matters.

Despite the DOJ’s acknowledgment of the request, it failed to produce any documents within the stipulated time frame, prompting AFL’s lawsuit.

Hamilton emphasized the importance of obtaining these records, underscoring the need to shed light on what AFL perceives as a coordinated effort to target Trump politically.

The absence of publicly available records, coupled with Colangelo’s pivotal role in Trump’s prosecution, amplifies AFL’s urgency in acquiring these documents.

Simultaneously, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has joined the fray, pressing New York Attorney General Letitia James for documents related to Colangelo.

Jordan’s letter highlights concerns over Colangelo’s focus on investigating individuals rather than prosecuting crimes, adding another dimension to the controversy.

The lawsuit and congressional inquiries underscore the intense scrutiny surrounding Bragg’s office and its handling of Trump-related cases.

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With allegations of partisan motives and concerns over prosecutorial conduct, the legal battle intensifies, promising to unravel the intricacies of high-stakes investigations and the dynamics between federal and state authorities.

As the legal battle unfolds, it casts a spotlight on the broader implications of prosecutorial independence and accountability.

The lawsuit against the DOJ underscores the importance of transparency in legal proceedings involving high-profile figures. Moreover, congressional inquiries highlight the role of oversight in ensuring the integrity of investigative processes.

With public interest mounting and political tensions simmering, the outcome of these legal maneuvers could shape not only the trajectory of individual cases but also public perception of the justice system’s fairness and impartiality….See More

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