Peter Obi Sent A Former Vice President’s Son To Beg Me – Reno Omokri

According to Omokri, Obi reached out to him through the son of a former Vice President for reconciliation.

However, the PDP supporter told the messenger to inform the former Anambra State Governor to contact him directly.

Omokri disclosed this in a post on his Twitter, on X.

“He asked the son of a former vice President to beg me. My response to the young man was, ‘Tell Peter to call me himself,’” his post partly read.

Peter Obi [Kin Cheung/AP Photo]

Recently, Omokri has escalated his warpath against the Labour Party candidate and his supporters over the fallout of the 2023 presidential election.

The social media personality has vowed not to back down from constantly criticising Obi as a payback for the trauma he suffered when the presidential candidate’s supporters threatened the life of his one-year-old child.

Omokri has alleged that Obi’s silence after the threat meant he was complicit and endorsed the behaviour of his followers.

For the above reasons, the PDP apologist promised to intensify his criticisms of Obi and expose his flaws during his time as Anambra Governor.

“First to do, no dey pain! When they were threatening to kill my child and physically coming to my house until the police gave me a home guard, did he beg?

“He will continue to shalaye!,” Omokri added.

Reno Omokri [Twitter:@renoomokri]

A fortnight ago, Omokri challenged Obidients, as Obi’s supporters are fondly called, to name any school project started, completed, and commissioned by the Labour Party candidate when he was governor of Anambra to win $10,000 in cash.

However, days after putting out the challenge, nobody presented a fact to disprove Omokri’s claim.

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Meanwhile, Obi was forced to respond after the matter gained media attention, saying he needed not to build any school in Anambra, as his manifesto didn’t state that.

I improved the quality, physical and mental well-being of the people, schools, had the basic things they needed and the people shone like stars and that was my manifesto.

“Building new schools when the old ones are moribund is just like building coastal lines when internal roads are impassable,” he said at a press conference in Abuja….See More

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