Former VP Osinbajo Said He Doesn’t Need That House Because The VP House Was Good Enough – Ken Okonkwo

A chieftain of the Labour Party, Ken Okonkwo, has lambasted the President Bola Tinubu-led government for its handling of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) demands.

Speaking after receiving an award in Lagos, Okonkwo expressed disbelief at the government’s claim that the NLC demands are unaffordable.

According to the report by Vanguard on Saturday, Okonkwo argued that the NLC demands are reasonable and objective, and that the government’s priorities are misplaced.

He cited examples of the government’s lavish spending, including N6 billion on a car park for national assembly members, N21 billion on a house for the Vice President, and $20 billion on the Chief of Staff’s residence.

He added that the former Vice President Osinbajo had stated that he does not need the house because the VP’s residence was good enough for him.

The LP chieftain also criticized the government’s decision to remove subsidies, leading to increased hunger and poverty among Nigerians.

He noted that the previous government had established a program to utilize subsidy funds for the welfare of the people, but the current government has squandered the money instead.

Okonkwo slammed the government’s extravagance, pointing out that they spend over ₦50,000 on fuel for their cars while claiming they cannot pay workers a minimum wage of ₦62,000.

He described the government as “incomprehensible” and warned that their policies will only lead to more suffering for Nigerians.

He said, “You have used N6 billion to build a car park for the national assembly members, N21 billion to build a house for a VP who already has a house.

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“Former VP Osinbajo said he does not need that house because the VP house was good enough, yet you spend N21 billion within a year.

“You spend N20 billion on the house of your Chief of Staff, give billions to your wife, and then tell people you can’t pay them N62,000 or will pay them N62,000 as minimum wage when you use more than N50,000 to fuel your car. This government is incomprehensible. N2,000 for a dollar, right in your regime, after removing subsidy…..See More 

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