Nigeria Is Not Hard $1 Can’t Buy Meal In USA But N1500 Will Buy Good Meal In Decent Restaurant In Nigeria-Temitope Ajayi

According to Temitope Ajayi, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, a monthly payment for a three-bedroom apartment in a middle-class US neighborhood costs more than an annual rent in the Ikeja district of Lagos State.

He also clarified that a vegetable sold for $10 (about N15,000) can be bought in Abuja markets for about N1,000.

Using his official Twitter account, he posted a message on Sunday making this claim. When he made the comment, he was discussing the minimum wage problem. He claimed in a post on Twitter that those attempting to convert the minimum wage to dollars are not acting morally.

He added that whereas $1 would not purchase a quality lunch in the US, its equivalent (N1500) would buy an excellent supper in a respectable Nigerian restaurant.

According to him, a vegetable at Wuse Market in Abuja will not cost more than N1000 or less. However, a vegetable that costs $10 in the US is equivalent to around N15,000 in Nigeria.

Using Twitter, Temitope Ajayi wrote, “One other disingenuous point around the ongoing minimum wage debate in Nigeria is the dollar comparison.”

“Those making the point that the N30,000 minimum wage is equal to $30 and the proposed N62,000 is $40 are not telling the full story.”

“Whereas $1 can not buy a meal in US but it’s equivalent (N1500) will buy good meal in a decent restaurant in Nigeria. A vegetable you will buy for $10 in US which is about N15,000 in Nigeria wont cost more than N1000 or less at Wuse market in Abuja.”

“One month rent for a 3 bed-room flat in a medium income neighbourhood in US is more than 1 year rent for same type of house in the heart of Ikeja in Lagos. All of these must be put in perspectives when making the dollar argument…..See More

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We Have Given FG A 1-week Notice To Look At The Issues, And That 1-week Notice Expires Tomorrow—NLC


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