Mr. President, I Will Tell You Some Of These Fulanis; If You Ask Them Where Their State Of Origin Is, They Have Even Forgotten – Jibrin Barau

Benue State Senator Titus Tartenger Zam’s bill to create the National Animal Husbandry and Ranches Commission was vehemently rejected by Jibrin Barau, the Deputy President of the Senate.

Barau stated that the purpose of the bill, if approved and signed into law, is to return Fulani herders, wherever they may be, back to their different states of origin. He said that this will be extremely challenging because the herders might not be aware of their origins.

Daily Post reported that the concerned legislator insisted that no one should be prevented from living where they choose to live and said that the bill violated the Nigerian Constitution, 1999, as amended, especially in relation to choice of residence.

While those senators who contributed to the bill applauded the progress, Barau was the only one who voiced his disagreement, igniting a contentious debate.

His argument was that since he profited from residing somewhere other than his birthplace, Fulani herders should have the freedom to reside anywhere in Nigeria.

In his words, “There is a snag in this bill; there is a problem because you cannot stop any Nigerian from living in any area that he so wishes.”


“Those people (herders) do not have any home except that place. They have been part and parcel of that society. Now, to tell them to move to their state of origin, where is their state of origin?”

“Now, for us as political leaders, I would like you to look at that. Who is the current Senator of FCT? She is a Yoruba native, but she has won the election here. Nobody told her to return to her state.”

“I won my first election in Tarauni Federal Constituency to the House of Representatives in 1999 from Kano Central, but I am from Kano North.”

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“Nobody told me to go back to Kano North, so why do we now tell herders to go back to their states of origin?”

“Mr. President, I will tell you some of these Fulanis; if you ask them where their state of origin is, they have even forgotten; they look at themselves as Nigerians.”

Barau made a valiant attempt to block the bill, but it was approved by the majority of legislators when Senate President Godswill Akpabio called for a voice vote on it…..See More 

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